For the June 13th barrel race I will be doing groups of about 10-15 again. We will be doing pre-entries again sending entry forms to and payment through paypal to as friends and family, or you will be responsible for the paypal fees, or by check payable to Everwind Ranch, 15871 Strugis Road, Union City, PA 16438. Entries must be received by Wednesday and payment by Friday before the show. Winnings will be sent same way received. This will limit the contact with office personnel - we will only have 1 person running the show and 2 barrel/pole setters/dragger. There will be no food booth or bathrooms available, please plan accordingly. You will only be here for up to three hours. We will have a group from 10-1 and 1-4.   Please note time you would like to come and we will try to accommodate as close to the time as possible and arrive about 15-30 minutes before your time to get ready and warm up and be ready to start at your start time.  Please note 10am and 1 pm are start times, not arrival times.

We will set up time slots for you to come run in groups by the CDC rules of  about 10-15. Please send all entries together coming in one trailer and any additional people coming with the trailer. Please do not bring any additional people as it will limit number of exhibitors we can bring in. We will be running in the outdoor arena.  We will run poles first with exhibition then classes.  You may role your open class time over into youth/adult if you wish to - please mark your form accordingly.

Warm up will be in the warm-up ring.

Thank you all for your understandings and working with us through this difficult time.

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June 13 2020

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Barrel Racing and Horsemanship lessons always offered, all levels of experience welcome.

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